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Special Reserve Garage Door Installation in White Bear Township, MN


This February has been crazy with warm temperatures and with warm temperatures we start to think of all the great things that spring and summer bring to Minnesota. Grilling outside, watching baseball, and the smell of fresh cut grass and bonfires in the air. Well when we spend so much time outdoors we start to notice our Garage Doors and the condition they are in. If your Garage Door is wearing down, rotting out around the wood, or just needs an upgrade for curb appeal you can trust the experts at Garage Door Repair Company to handle any installation for you. In White Bear Township we had a customer that had just a run-of-the-mill steel Garage Door that was white with standard raised panels and wanted to upgrade to something that would improve their curb appeal. They decided to go with a custom order Special Reserve Garage Door with stockbridge windows; the door turned out fabulous and really improves the way the house looks from the road.

Difference between Custom Orders and Stock Options

When choosing a new Garage Door we often talk about different things like panel style, window options, straps and handles, and different color options; these are many of our common stock doors that we install on a regular basis. However we also have some custom order options available as well if you are looking for something more than just a standard steel door. We have options that have wood panel overlays, smoked or feather etched windows, and larger panels to have a three panel door which ends up looking more like a carriage door. Our experienced technicians always come out for a free estimate to measure the Garage opening and show you all of the options you have available to ensure you receive the best door you are looking for.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Garage Door Repair Company customer service is always first on our minds when it comes to any installation or repair we complete at your home. Don’t just take it from us, check out our reviews page to see what our customers are saying. When getting a custom ordered Special Reserve Garage Door you want to make sure the door and installation is handled with care. These are very large and heavy doors and it is important that they are installed properly so that they will last for years to come. All our technicians are trained and certified to handle any installation professionally and will make sure you are happy with your purchase. Call 612-886-9606 or fill out our website appointment form today to get an immediate estimate for your repair or installation.

New Garage Door Replacement in Crystal, MN

new-doorAt Garage Door Repair Company we often talk about having your Garage Door and Garage Door Opener inspected to perform any preventative maintenance so that you can avoid any headaches in the future. Sometimes we find that it has gotten to the point where you may just want to replace the entire Garage Door. This was the case for one of our customers in Crystal, MN; they had moved in to their home within the last year but had inherited a cheap sub-par Garage Door. Initially the door worked fine for them but over time it started to jam when closing and even the panels began to crack. We explained to the customer that we could repair the door to the point of getting it functional again but there was nothing we could do about the cracks that were forming on the panels and it would only get worse. They opted to have the door replaced completely and now have peace of mind that they have a quality Garage Door for years to come.

Quality Garage Doors

At Garage Door Repair Company we only used the best quality products when it comes to repairs and installations of your Garage Door. There are a lot of components that many customers don’t consider when purchasing a new door but can really make a huge difference in the long term use of your door and the opener. Even the little things like what type of rollers are being installed, plastic or nylon, will make a big difference in the grand scheme. Here are a few other things to consider with your new Garage Door purchase:

  • Having a Standard Torsion System installed.
  • Panel Style.
  • Insulation and what grade of insulation.
  • Window options and whether you want insulated glass.
  • Color Schemes.
  • Decorative Options like straps and handles.

These are just a few things to consider with your Garage Door purchase and all of our trained experts can help guide you through the process and help select the best option for you and your home.

Guaranteed Same Day Service

We guarantee same day service at Garage Door Repair Company; that includes even having your Garage Door completely replaced. We keep many different styles and colors in stock at all times and depending on what you are looking for we can also fully install these options on the same day that you call. Check out our reviews page and then fill out a website appointment form to find out what Garage Door Repair Company can do for you!

Broken Torsion Spring in Vadnais Heights, MN

broken spring 223

With the weather finally warming up in Minnesota not many of our customers are thinking about their Garage Door any more. Now is the time where you just want to open up the door, take out the grill and some lawn chairs and maybe have a cold beverage and relax. If you suddenly have a broken torsion spring that could really put a kink in your summer plans especially if it is on a weekend. This was the case for one of our customers over in Vadnais Heights, MN; they were having a graduation party the following day and suddenly had a torsion spring snap. It happened on a Saturday afternoon and the customer was concerned about finding someone to take care of the repair; we were able to have a technician out within two hours of the initial contact to make sure the grad party went off without a hitch.

Twenty Four Hour Service

At Garage Door Repair Company we are available twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Whether it is a broken torsion spring, broken garage door opener, or if you are in need of an entirely new door we understand it can be a huge inconvenience which is why we always want to be available for you. It can be a very frustrating process trying to find good quality work when it comes to repairing your Garage Door so don’t just take it from us, check out our reviews page just to see what some of our customers are saying. Even if you have a custom sized torsion spring we can usually provide some sort of solution even if it is temporary while we have your custom sized springs made. Don’t hesitate to call right now, yes now, even it is one in the morning and enjoy our quality twenty four hour service.

Free Estimates

We always offer free, no obligation, estimates for all your Garage Door repair and installation needs. Sometimes it is difficult to diagnose over the phone just what is exactly wrong with your Garage Door or Garage Door Opener so we always have fully stocked trucks when we come out to diagnose the issue so that we can offer a free estimate but also take care of the repair right there. So call 612-886-9606 today or fill out one of our website appointment forms to schedule your free estimate.

New Garage Door Excelsior, MN

New Garage DoorThere are many reasons why you may be thinking of replacing your garage door. Whether it’s because the door is not operating correctly, perhaps the door is rotting or rusting, or it may be just time to update to a new system. This was the case for one of our Excelsior, MN customers. The Garage Door was out of date and our customer was looking to update while adding some curb appeal. Adding windows to the Garage Door is one of the best ways to add curb appeal to a garage door. Along with letting great natural light in, it also adds a distinct look to your home to set you apart from your neighbors. The final product speaks for itself and our homeowner couldn’t be happier with the Garage Door.

Is Garage Door Replacement a Seasonal Project?

It is often presumed that replacing your garage door cannot be completed once the snow flies. At Garage Door Repair Company, we replace Garage Doors year round. Winter can be extremely busy as the cold weather, snow, ice, salt seem to wreak havoc on garage doors. In many cases garage door replacement can often times make more financial sense than repairing your current garage door. Here are some examples of garage doors that may be better off replacing than repairing.

  • Rotting or Rusting Door (If your garage door is rotting or rusting, it may be time to consider replacement)
  • Tilt up Garage Door (Tilt up Garage Doors are a thing of the past, the system is extremely out of date and repairs can be considered no more than a band aid)
  • Extension Springs (If your door has springs that run along the outsides of the horizontal tracking you have extension springs. These springs are extremely dangerous and out of date. If you have this system it is time to consider either a torsion conversion or complete garage door replacement)

When the time comes to replace your garage door, it’s important you hire the right company. Garage Door Repair Company has over 10 years of experience and can handle any type of job. Whether you’re looking to update your out of date garage door or want to go with a custom design we can help! We always offer all our Excelsior customers free onsite estimates. This allows you to find the perfect door for you with no pressure. If you are interested in making an appointment simply call 612-886-9606.

24 Hour Garage Door Replacement in Woodbury, MN

Ran Into Garage

Ran Into Garage Fixed

We all know what it is like living in Minnesota during the winter time; it gets colder, the snow flies, and the roads and driveways ice over. When the driving conditions get icy in the winter time accidents do happen, including the chance that you may run in to your own Garage Door due to slippery conditions. In some cases we may be able to repair the damaged sections and get them working properly again but if the damage is too severe you may need to have your door completely replaced. In Woodbury, MN we had this very instance occur where the customer had ice on their driveway and slid right in to the door. It was a townhouse community with housing association rules that required this Garage Door to be fully replaced. Garage Door Repair Company was able to come out and assess the damage and provide a replacement within 24 hours of the initial contact.

Examples of Garage Door Replacement Needs

There are many reasons that you may want to have your Garage Door fully replaced other than damage. You may want to change the color or design, perhaps add a wood overlay, or even add some windows for more natural light. We also have different types of insulation available and thickness of the insulation with a sandwiched steel design to increase the R-value. Our customers can even add decorative hinges or handles on the outside of the door to make it almost appear as though your Garage Door is an old fashioned carriage style door. Whatever style of design, color, or insulation you may be looking for our experienced technicians will be able to provide many different options for you to choose from.

Quality Guaranteed

At Garage Door Repair Company we will provide nothing but a quality Garage Door replacement for your home. We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your new door and will go out of our way to make sure you are happy. All of our doors are installed with a parts and labor warranty so you have peace of mind that if anything does happen with your new Garage Door we will be there to help. Take a minute to look at our Reviews Page to see what other customers are saying. Call today and have a new door tomorrow!