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Commercial Garage Door Section Rebuild in New Hope, MN


Reliability is very important when it comes to your Garage Door in your own home but it is even more important if you run a business where you rely on a commercial garage door operating properly dozens of times per day. In New Hope, MN we had a customer contact us about their Commercial Garage Door that they use for ventilation in their work shop area; someone had run in to the door and all the sections had fallen out of the tracks completely. This customer had contacted a few different companies and one had promised to come out but did not show up; so not only were they dealing with their broken door but unreliable companies. Once they had gotten a hold of us at Garage Door Repair Company we were able to have three technicians onsite and the Garage Door rebuilt in back in operational condition about three hours later. This customer was thrilled and knows who to call the first time for all their Garage Door needs.

Commercial Garage Door Problems

A lot of common issues with residential garage doors can also happen with your commercial garage door but some issues may be a little different. Here are some examples of commercial garage door problems:

  • Fork Lift Run-in
  • Semi Truck Run-in
  • Broken Springs
  • Bent Tracks
  • Commercial Garage Door Opener
  • Broken Cable
  • PVC Weather Seal Replacement
  • Bottom Seal Replacement

Those are just some of the problems you may encounter with your commercial garage door but whatever the problem is we can typically handle it. Even if the damage is so bad that you have to completely replace your door we usually will have replacement options available.

Same Day Service Guaranteed

Your business is important and we understand that at Garage Door Repair Company which is why we always offer same day service guaranteed. We want to be there to help get your business back on track and also your own home. Fill out one of our website appointment form or call 612-886-9606 and you will always reach a live person to help answer all of your questions. Call today!

Same Day Commercial Garage Door Repair in St. Paul, MN

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When you run a business that has a lot of shipping and receiving Garage Doors or an auto repair shop where you may be running your door up and down many times throughout the day you need to make sure that the Garage Door is always running smoothly. If your Commercial Garage Door stops working it immediately slows down your production and will impact your bottom line. The other day in St. Paul, MN we had a company call us that had one of their workers run in to one of their doors with a forklift. It bent the bottom section and knocked the entire door out of its tracks and also dumped the cables off the torsion system. We were able to have a technician out to their place of business within an hour of their phone call and have the door back up and running shortly after. At Garage Door Repair Company we know how important it is to keep your business up and running all day long.

Other Commercial Garage Door Repairs

There are many things that can happen at home to your Garage Door and these same kinds of things can happen at your place of business. Often times we can always provide a same day solution for any of these kinds of problems:

  • Broken Spring
  • Broken Cable
  • Bent Panel
  • Dumped Cable
  • Roller Replacement
  • Hinge Replacement
  • Opener Installation

The list could go on and on but just know that we will do whatever it takes to get your Commercial Garage Door Working again even if we have to provide a full replacement option.

Repairs that Last

Making sure your business continues to run smoothly is important to us at Garage Door Repair Company so we will always provide solutions and repairs that will last rather than just providing a band aid fix. We always want to fix it the right way the first time so that you know you won’t have any more headaches. Even if we have to provide a full replacement we can usually have that done either same day or within just a few days. Whatever it takes and whatever your business may need we can handle the job for you. Visit our contact page or call 612-886-9606 for all of your commercial garage door repair or installation needs.

Commercial Garage Door Repair Edina, MN

Commercial Garage Door RepairWe often get asked if we only Service Residential Garage Doors. It is a surprise to some that a majority of our business comes from Commercial Garage Doors. In most cases, many businesses cannot operate without a functioning garage door. This was recently the case for one of our Commercial Clients in Edina, Minnesota. This particular customer had a Broken Torsion Spring on their 12ft Garage Door. Not being able to open the door was not an option for this company as they use the door all day long. The springs that were needed were going to be a special order. They would take a few days to get made but we were able to temporarily clamp the springs in order to keep the business up and running until the parts were ready. At Garage Door Repair Company we understand the need to keep business running as usual. We always offer our commercial clients with Same Day Emergency Garage Door Service in Edina, MN.

Commercial Garage Door Maintenance

Commercial garage doors are used far more often than residential doors. Some businesses open and close their doors hundreds of times a day. With such high usage it is imperative that these door receive regular safety and maintenance checks. Also ensuring that only High Cycle Commercial Grade Parts are used on these doors. Here are some tips and things to look for on your commercial garage door.

  • Lubrication of Commercial Garage Doors should be performed on a regular basis of once every 4-6 months
  • Ensure all nuts and bolts are tight
  • Test safety sensors. If they do not have safety sensors, or they don’t work, you could be in a code violation. Adding safety sensors or replacement of the Garage Door Opener may be needed
  • Having a professional garage door technician out once every year to ensure proper functionality can save you a lot of money down the road

Free Estimates on Commercial Garage Door Service

Garage Door Repair Company is proud to offer free onsite estimates to all of our Edina, Mn customers. In most cases we are also able to get the door repaired onsite and on the same day! This allows you to get back on track with your business. To schedule a Commercial Service appointment simply call 612-886-9606 or visit our contact us page and fill out the online appointment form.

Commercial Garage Door Repairs Inver Grove Heights

Commercial Garage Door ServicesThere is nothing worse than when a Commercial Garage Door breaks down, businesses rely on their doors opening and closing smoothly day in and day out and suddenly it stops. Most businesses need their Garage Doors functioning properly so that they can ship and receive different products that the company relies on to make their profit margins. Even some companies have doors mounted on the back of moving trucks that are similar in style to a standard Garage Door or Roll-up Door and Garage Door Repair Company can also fix these types of doors.

Different Commercial Repairs

Recently we were out in Inver Grove Heights to repair a Commercial Garage Door; some of the components are different with these doors and may require some specific materials. We also repaired the back door on a moving truck in the same area where we had to special order hinges and rollers that would fit this type of door. Here are some of the different repairs and specifically different components involved with a Commercial Garage Door:

  • Pressurized Auto Reverse Hose Installed Inside Bottom Seal
  • Larger Drums
  • Longer Cables with a thicker gauge steel
  • Larger Torsion Springs to lift heavier doors
  • Specific Hinges for Different Doors
  • Specific Rollers
  • Commercial Grade Openers such as a Jack Shaft or SideWinder

Repaired Commercial Door MNThese are just a few of the different things that will go into repairing a Commercial Garage Door. We also service different types of roll-up doors such as the ones provided by Public Storage which has many different locations across Minnesota. Whatever type of Garage Door your business may have the experts at Garage Door Repair Company can find a solution.

Trust the Garage Repair Professionals

Sometimes different companies will have a maintenance person on hand that will make repairs on different systems within the business. This certainly helps to maintain some of the systems to keep the business functioning properly but often times they will not have the proper tools to repair a Commercial Garage Door. These repairs can be dangerous and often will involve specific tools or parts that only a Professional Garage Door Company will carry. Things like a scissor lift, commercial winding bars, and other specific tools may be needed. Whether you are located in Inver Grove Heights or anywhere in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area Garage Door Repair Company will have all the parts and tools to make any repair needed.