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Torsion Conversion in Woodbury, MN

Garage Door Torsion Conversion Process

When you buy a brand new home that was just built within the last few years you are thinking that everything should be working properly for years to come because you bought brand new. However, many of our customers are finding that in these new neighborhoods the builders may have tried to cut costs on the little things such as the Spring System for your Garage Door. In Woodbury, MN we found an entire neighborhood that was built by the same building company and they cut corners on every Garage with a sub-par spring system that has a lot of cheap and plastic parts. While this system will work for a few years, when it does break down the cost of repair can be outrageous because it requires replacing the entire system or performing a Torsion Conversion.

What is a Torsion Conversion?

There are a lot of different types of systems that can be used for your Garage Door; extension springs, torque master, easy wind, roll up springs, and a standard torsion system. At Garage Door Repair Company we can provide repairs or replacements for all of these systems but the most recommended system is a standard torsion system. The benefit of this system is that if something breaks you only need to repair that component rather than having to replace the whole system. Here are some components that go in to a standard torsion system:

  • Steel Shaft
  • Steel Drums
  • End Bearings/Center Bearing
  • Center Plate
  • Torsion Springs
  • Galvanized Cables

All of our technicians will have all of these components on the truck to help solve any of your Garage Door Repair needs.

Choosing the Right System First

The biggest reason to choose the right system first is for cost; it can be very expensive to convert or replace your system. That’s why we always install standard torsion systems with every new Garage Door we install. You may not always be able to choose what system you end up with when you purchase a new home but Garage Door Repair Company will help keep your system going or make sure you have the right system for the future.

Same Day Broken Cable Repair in Ham Lake, MN

Rusted Cables and Brackets


No matter where you are located, no matter what the problem, Garage Door Repair Company can provide Same Day Repairs. In Ham Lake, MN we had a customer that had just come home from work and went to open their Garage Door and something made a loud snapping noise and the whole door went crooked. We were able to have a technician out within an hour after she had contacted us and found that she had a broken cable due to some rusty brackets and rollers. Broken Cables and Broken Springs are the most common type of repair this time of year with the cold weather; it can be somewhat dangerous to make these repairs yourself and can also take a lot of time. We can usually complete these repairs in under an hour and help get your day and your door back on track.

Common Causes of Broken Cables

Broken Cables will usually happen very unexpectedly because they are located in an area that is not the most visible. It is also not something many home owners are thinking about on a daily basis so when something like this does happen it can really throw off your day. There are a few minor things you can do to try and avoid this happening unexpectedly:

  • Having your door tuned up regularly
  • Lubrication of all moving parts
  • Precision Bearing Rollers to reduce friction
  • Watch for any rust
  • Using Stainless Steel Cables
  • Replace any fraying cables

These are just a few things you can watch for to avoid any unexpected and costly repairs but if you are caught off guard make sure to call Garage Door Repair Company at 612-886-9606 first and we will guarantee Same Day Service.

Repairs that Last

At Garage Door Repair Company we will always give your whole Garage Door a tune up while we are at your home because we don’t want to fix one thing and then have to come back a month later because we missed something. We want to provide repairs that will last and we guarantee all of our work with parts and labor warranties so you have peace of mind that if we don’t get the job right the first time you won’t be spending more out of your pocket. Visit our contact page and find out what we can do for you today.