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Bottom Seal Replacement in Falcon Heights, MN


Bottom Seal NewWhen your Garage Door breaks down there are some common problems that you may think of that need to be repaired. Broken springs, broken cables, maybe the opener stopped working and needs replacement. However there are a few things that many of our customers may not be thinking about but are just as important to the health of your Garage Door. One of those things is making sure your bottom seal is intact all the way across the bottom of your entire door. In Falcon Heights we had a customer that recently purchased a new home and the Garage Door did not even have the retainer that the bottom seal slides in to so we had to do a full bottom seal replacement.


Importance of Bottom Seal

Bottom seal is not something that you may always think of when you are having your Garage Door serviced but it is very important to have this checked and replaced if your seal is peeling or missing. Here are some things that the bottom seal will help to protect:

  • Keep Moisture Out of the Garage Reducing Rust
  • Keep Rodents Out
  • Create a Better Seal for Insulated Garages
  • If you Heat your Garage it will help keep the heat in better
  • Protect your Bottom Brackets and Cables from Rust

All of these things play a role when it comes to having a solid bottom seal. We also have different sizes, colors, and types of seal for whatever your Garage Door may need. All of our technicians will run over your entire door when providing services so that we don’t miss the things you may not be thinking about.

21 Point Inspection

Bottom Seal is not something our customers are always thinking about so that is why we always run a 21 point inspection of your entire Garage Door so that we don’t miss things our customers may not be thinking about. Whether it is just the bottom seal or a broken roller we will be able to provide any repairs or replacements. We will have a technician out same day, twenty four hours a day, guaranteed. Call 612-886-9606 to have your Garage Door Inspected today.

Bottom Seal Replaced in Little Canada MN

Garage Door Strip ReplacementWinter is coming, and if you have any water seeping in around your Garage Door it may be time to look at having your Bottom Seal Replaced. This is an important component of the Garage Door and is often times overlooked due to the idea that it isn’t really that big of a deal. Most times this is an inexpensive repair that can save a lot of headaches that come from water damage, ice in the winter time, or damage to your bottom section. In Little Canada, MN we had a customer that was having a problem with water seeping in to their Garage and it was causing damage to the wooden section and also just creating puddles of water in their Garage. We were able to replace the old seal with a new Aluminum Retainer and a three inch thick Bottom Seal.

Different Types of Bottom Seal

There are many different types of Garage Door Bottom Seals that may be in use depending on what type of door you have and the material it is made from. We want our customers to always have options to what type, color, and thickness of Bottom Seal you may need. At the Little Canada location this customer had a thinner wood door with an outdated seal that only added a quarter of an inch of thickness at the bottom; not only that, but the section did not have an Aluminum Retainer which will give added protection from the elements. We were able to install an inch and three eighths Aluminum Retainer to the bottom section of the Garage Door and then slide a standard T-shaped three inch thick Bottom Seal. After the installation we tested the new bottom seal by pouring water around the bottom section and there was no longer any water seeping in.

Extras About Bottom Seal

  • Midland Seal
  • Color, Black or Gray
  • Aluminum Retainers
  • Nail-down Options
  • Thickness, 2”, 3”, 4.5”
  • Rust Prevention
  • Extends the life of Galvanized Cables

24/7 Garage Door Services

Schedules are hectic in this modern age and we understand that at Garage Door Repair Company. This is why we always offer 24/7 service and will schedule appointments to meet your needs. Whether it is your Bottom Seal or any other Garage Door Repair and whether you are located in Little Canada or any of the Twin Cities area our experts can help you.