Garage Door Opener Installation & Repair

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Residential Garage Door Opener Installation & Repair Service

You may not even realize just how much you rely on your garage door opener until it isn’t working anymore. Or maybe you and your body are tired of opening the door manually every time you want to park your car in the garage because you don’t have an automatic garage door opener. No matter what the issue is, Garage Door Repair Company can help you with your garage door opener needs!

When garage openers break down, it’s often more costly and difficult to repair than it’s worth. Your best bet for consistent garage door use is to replace your old broken garage door opener with a new, reliable one that is warrantied for a minimum of five years. That’s what we provide to you at Garage Door Repair Company!

Why Call the Experts at Garage Door Repair Company?

Our team’s top priority is you – our customer. We do high-quality work with materials to match because we want what’s best for the customer, every time. We don’t skimp on our work and it shows. For instance, we go above and beyond the industry standard and warranty anything we install for a minimum of five years. We value being professional, so when we show up to your home we are sporting a shirt or jacket with our company logo and driving a fully stocked truck with our name on the side. We’ll shake hands and introduce ourselves, then get down to business. We always provide a free estimate, then if you agree to the work being done we’ll complete it in a timely fashion and always clean up after ourselves.

Failing or Broken Opener

You go to push the button on your remote or inside of your garage and nothing happens. While it’s possible your garage door opener is broken, it might be failing for another reason. If you hear no noise or attempts to lift the door, it’s likely that the motor has gone out. Though this may be the case, it’s possible that your garage door spring or a cable has broken. This can cause the opener to have to work much harder than it’s able to open the door, in which case you might hear it attempting to. If the opener is broken, it’s often a better bet to replace it than to repair it. Chances are, depending on the issue, if you repair the opener it will only break down again. And although we lean towards replacing broken openers over repairing them, you can trust we only recommend what we think is best for you, your home, and your budget.

Installing a New Garage Door Opener

You may think that installing a garage door opener is an easy do-it-yourself job, but hold that thought! An opener has to be installed with some specifications as to the space of the opening, weight of the garage door it’s helping to lift, and frequency of use. Installation requires calculations and if those are made incorrectly, you might end up with problems not too far down the road from getting your new opener. That’s just one more reason to call the pros at Garage Door Repair Company! We are experienced in working not only on garage doors but also openers.

Don’t Wait, Call Us Whenever!

Whenever you need us, you can call and speak to a live person! We’ll discuss what’s going on with your garage door and get you back on track to enjoying the convenience of an automatic opener. You can also call and schedule a free estimate to determine what your specific needs are. Whatever garage door service you need, you can always trust Garage Door Repair Company to do it right, fast, and with your best interest in mind. Call us today at 612-886-9606.