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Tune up and Safety Inspection in Coon Rapids, MN

Rusty Cable & BracketWe have gotten past the Holidays, moved in to the new year of 2017, and just like that it is already almost the end of January.  Next thing you know it will be summer and you might start looking at your Garage Door more and more as the sun starts to come out and we spend more time outdoors. However at Garage Door Repair Company we believe you should always be thinking of your Garage Door whether it is cold or warm. It is the largest moving mechanical object in your home and you want to make sure it is functioning properly and safely year round. That is why we offer Tune Up and Safety Inspections to make sure your door is working and also let you know if there are any concerns you as a customer should know about so we can perform some preventative maintenance.

Customer in Coon Rapids

In Coon Rapids, MN we had a customer call us out to perform a Tune Up and Safety Inspection on their Garage Door and we were able to identify that the Garage Door Opener was not up to Minnesota State Code. It was missing the safety eyes that use and auto-reverse feature if a child or car was to go under the door as it was closing. The opener was also manufactured in 1992 so it was over twenty years old and that code did not go in to effect until the mid-nineties. We were able to offer the customer replacement options and install a brand new LiftMaster Professional Garage Door Opener to ensure safety for their property and family.

Benefits of a Tune and Safety Inspection

We were able to greatly help our customer in Coon Rapids because we perform an inspection on everything involved with the Garage Door. This also includes the Garage Door Opener and all safety features; here are some of the work we will do with a Tune Up and Safety Inspection:

  • Identify Any Rust
  • Identify Cables that may be unwinding and will break soon
  • Balance Torsion Springs
  • Check for worn or plastic rollers
  • Check Limits and Forces on Opener
  • Make sure all safety features are working
  • Make Recommendations for Preventative Maintenance
  • Lubricate all moving parts

At Garage Door Repair Company all of our technicians are full trained to handle any and all repairs you may need whether it is just a Tune Up and Safety Inspection or and Emergency Repair. To schedule any appointments check out our contact page or call 612-886-9606.

Garage Door Wont Close Andover, MN

new sensorImagine getting ready to leave for work, pulling out of your driveway and going to close the garage door but it won’t shut. This was the case for one of our Andover customers. There are many garage door issues that can cause the door to not close, the most common being misaligned safety sensors. This particular customer had a safety sensor issue but it turned out to be a short in the wiring. We ended up replacing the safety sensors all the way back to the opener with brand new wiring. This immediately resolved our customers issue and will ensure safe operating for years to come.

 Reasons for a Garage Door not closing

As stated previously, the most common reason for a garage door not wanting to close is misaligned safety sensors. The easiest way to determine this is by checking the safety sensors to ensure both lights are on and solid. If you try to operate the garage door and the opener flashes or clicks 10 times, the opener is telling you there is something wrong with the safety sensor alignment. It is very common for someone to accidently bump one of the sensors causing them to go offline. There is typically a wingnut that can be loosened to adjust the safety sensor. This will ensure safe and proper operation. Here are some other issues that could cause your garage door to not close:

  • Worn out Garage Door Rollers
  • Garage Door Opener Forces not Set Correctly
  • Broken or Dumped Garage Door Cable
  • Broken Garage Door Spring
  • Loss of Power to Garage Door Opener
  • Bad Battery on Garage Door Remote

Garage Door Repair Company has all the tools and training to perform any and all of these repairs as needed in the Andover MN area. Garage Doors can be extremely dangerous and cause serious harm. We recommend everyone call a professional no matter what the issue to avoid injury. Same Day appointments are available in the Andover area. If you are interested in making an appointment simply call 612-886-9606 our contact us page.